The Most Versatile Hosting You Will Find

We as a company aim to provide quality hosting solutions while adapting to all types of budgets. Our servers utilize some of the best CPUs and are equipped with DDR4 RAM and SSD/NVME storage. It’s time to make your vision a reality, start hosting with VersatileNode today.

Our Features
Enterprise Hardware
Find the perfect hosting solution
Budget VPS

Our budget VPS servers utilize Intel i7-6700ks which clock at 4GHz and are equipped with SSD storage starting at $1.85/GB

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Standard Minecraft

Our Standard Minecraft servers, similar to our budget VPS servers, use Intel i7-6700ks with SSD storage with pricing starting at $1.25/GB.

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Reseller VPS

Using VPS reseller plans, you can use our VPS servers and potentially make your own hosting company! You are given a panel (Virtualizor) and the ability to create VPS servers with ease.

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Premium VPS

Our premium VPS servers utilize Intel i9-9900ks which clock at 4.7GHz and are equipped with NVMe storage starting at $3/GB. Offered in increments of 2GB RAM

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Premium Minecraft

Our premium Minecraft servers, similar to our premium VPS servers, use Intel i9-9900ks with incredible NVMe storage with pricing starting at $2.25/GB.

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Reseller Web

Much like our Reseller VPS hosting, you can sell web hosting and potentially start your own hosting company. Easily manage all your clients and their websites and packages! Powered by cPanel

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Premium VPS Reseller

Incredible VPS servers allowing you the ability to sell portions of it for your own profit! Extremely affordable. Create your hosting business today for incredible profit!

Intel Core i9-9900k
Incredible Performance
Extreme Security
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Premium Website Hosting

Affordable website hosting deployable within minutes. Ultra-fast servers at their best. Experience tranquility.

Intel Core i9-9900k
Unparalleled Performance
Incredible Security
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Be amazed with your servers performance
Budget Servers
Intel Core i7-6700k
4.0GHz DDR4 2666MHz Montreal, Canada
Premium Servers
Intel Core i9-9900k
4.7GHz DDR4 2400MHz Chicago, USA
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